Conduct your credit union business at any time by touch-tone phone, Web connection, or ATM machine.

It's Me 247 Online Banking

Sometimes, coming to the Credit Union office is just inconvenient, if not impossible. Kids, jobs, and daily life all take more than their share of your time. That's why Western Districts is excited to offer It's Me 247 online banking. It's Me 247 lets you perform transactions like these from your PC, 24 hours a day:

All you need is a modern, cookie-enabled web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla, and a connection to the internet. You can log in at the top-right of this web site, or by visiting It's secure, it's fast, and best of all, it's convenient.


Looking for an easy way to simplify your life? CU*EasyPay! can help you do just that. With CU*EasyPay! you can receive and pay your bills online with the click of a mouse. Pay anyone including your house payment, your credit card company - even your babysitter - at any time, from anywhere.

CU*EasyPay! is:


E-Statements are now available! Many of you have requested this online service to help you manage your personal finances. No more waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail. You'll receive an email message letting you know your statement is waiting for you to pick up online. Then, you simply log on to your It's Me 247 Internet Banking service using your account number and confidential personal identification number (PIN) and click the "View Your Statement" button.

You will be able to take advantage of these great features:

Debit Card Information

It looks like a credit card, but it's not. It's convenient, fast, and safe. One card for shopping and getting cash. Accepted wherever you see the Mastercard logo. Now with MasterCard SecureCode, it's even safer to shop online.

Your online spending limit is $1,000.00. Offline limit is $500.00. The transaction will be approved based on your balance or your limit.

Immediately report any lost or stolen card to:

within US (888) 241-2510
outside US (909) 941-1398

To be eligible for a debit card you must be 18 years old or 16 & 17 years old with an adult joint owner, have a checking account in good standing, be current on all Credit Union obligations and have an established credit report showing credit worthiness.

When you use your Mastermoney Debit Card, you access your checking account without actually writing a check. When shopping, simply present the card to the cashier and sign your receipt just as you would with a credit card. Your purchases will be deducted right from your checking account.When given a choice by the retailer to process your transaction as a credit (requiring your signature) or a debit (requiring your PIN) you should choose the credit option. We offer an unlimited number of debit card transactions. So remember, even though you choose credit, it will be deducted from your checking account and you avoid ATM transaction fees. Your debit card is also your ATM card.

Tips debit card care and safety

If you have any questions please call 241-2516 or 1-800-437-9875.


You receive five to ten free transactions per month, depending on your membership tier. (See our membership info page for more details on tiered service.) $1.00 per transaction thereafter. Transfers and inquiries are $1.00.

Tips on how to avoid ATM Fees

Tips on ATM card care and safety

CU*Talk: Telephone Response

CU*Talk allows members to perform the following transactions:

Directions for using CU*Talk

Grand Rapids Local: (616) 285-5720
Toll Free: (800) 860-5704
Call the credit union at (616) 241-2516 to activate your password.

  1. Enter your credit union access code, which is 001#
  2. Enter your base account number, followed by the # button. If your account number is 123456-000, for example, you would enter 123456#
  3. Enter your Voice Response password, followed by the # button.
Main Menu Options
1.  Account Inquiries
2.  Perform money transactions
3.  CU Rates/ Loan Estimates
4.  Change PIN
5.  Different Acct. No.
6.  CU Services
8.  Repeat options
9.  End call
0.  Instructions
Account Suffix Codes
000-000  Shares
011-014  Sub-Shares
020-021  Clubs
001-008  Checking
030-049  CD's
015-019  IRA's
770-810  Loans

Direct Deposit/Payroll Deductions

If your employer participates,or if you are the recipient of a regular government or pension check, you can have your money Direct Deposited into a credit union account. This free service will enable you to get your funds more quickly and will put the money into your account so it earns dividends/interest right away. Direct Deposit is safer and more secure because no check has to be printed and mailed.

Payroll Deductions allows you to authorize your employer to send any portion of your paycheck directly to your credit union accounts every payday. This can be a convenient way to save or to pay back loans automatically.

To start your direct deposit you will need our routing and transit number, along with your account number. Our routing and transit number is 272481017. For more information contact the Credit Union.

Thanks for being our member!