Fee Schedule

Membership Fees

FeeCredit Union Service
$5.00 Par Value Membership Share
$10.00 Closed Membership (within 90 days of opening)
$10.00 per month Dormant Accounts
(No activity for 1 year and over 17 years old, for accounts with an aggregate of $100.00 or less)
Free Shared Branching Service
$25.00 Escheat Fee

Share Draft Fees

FeeCredit Union Service
FreeStarter Checks - up to 8
$5.00 Close Share Draft Account
$1.00 Overdraft transfer from shares, money mover or Visa
$20.00** NSF Check Reposted/Courtesy Pay
$20.00NSF Check Returned
$20.00Stop Payment
$5.00 Check Copy (Free through It's Me 247)
$10.00 per 1/2 hour Checkbook balancing
As set by printer Check reorder
$4.00* Emergency Replacement Checks (4)

ATM/Debit Card Fees

FeeCredit Union Service
Free New ATM/Debit Card
$10.00 ATM/Debit Card Reorder

$5.00 ATM/Debit PIN number reorder
$20.00ATM NSF Deposit / NSF Debit Transaction
$1.00ATM transfers and inquiries
at least 5 Free per month, $1.00 thereafter*ATM transactions
Free - UnlimitedDebit Card Transactions

Self Service Fees

FeeCredit Union Service
FreeIt's Me 247 (Online Banking & Mobile App)
FreeCU*Talk (Audio Response Service)
FreeIt's Me 247 Bill Pay Enrollment (Online Bill Payment)
FreeIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (Pay at least one bill per month)
$5.00 It's Me 247 Bill Pay Non-Use Fee
FreeCopy of Check through It's Me 247
$0.25 credit per month E-statement
first 30 free
31-100 $.04 each
over 100 $.035 each per month
Text Message Inquiry & Alerts (enrollment month free)

Loan Fees

FeesCredit Union Service
$25.00Rate change refinance without a cash advance
$10.00Completed loan cancellation
$25.0030-90 Day Note Fee
$25.00VISA Late Payment Fee
$5.00VISA Card Replacement Fee
$5.00VISA Pin Number reorder
$5.00Loan Coupons (excludes Mortgage)

Miscellaneous Fees

FeeCredit Union Service
Incoming Free
Outgoing $20.00
Wire Fee
Incoming Free
Outgoing $40.00
International Wire Fee
$20.00NSF Deposited Item
$2.00* Credit Union Check - one free per day
$5.00 Copy of Credit Union Check
$2.00*Money Orders
$3.00 VISA Gift Card
$7.00 VISA TravelMoney Card
$5.00 Money Market - below minimum balance fee - Monthly
$5.00 Money Market - excess withdrawal fee
$3.00* Check cashing/negotiation fee - (aggregate balance under $100 and over 17 years old)
$3.00 Statement Copy (Free through Online Banking)
$3.00*Account History (Printout)
$3.00 Account History (Phone)
5% of the value Coin deposit/exchange (over 17 years old)
$5.00 per month Member Selected Statement Style - (Standard Free)
$10.00 per 1/2 hour Account Research/Reconciliation
$1.00 per page Fax Service
$1.00 per page Xerox Copies
$20.00 ACH NSF Withdraw Return
$20.00 ACH NSF Withdraw Reposted/Courtesy Pay
$25.00 Garnishment
$50.00 Subpoena
$5.00 Christmas Club Early Withdraw
$5.00 plus cost Overnight Mail Service
Free Notary Service
Free Auto Value Quotes
$5.00 Address Change Notification by post office or undeliverable mail

*See Tiered Services to learn how you can avoid these fees or earn more transactions.

** Fee applies when overdraft is created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.