Savings Rates - Effective Thursday, October 1, 2015
SUB SHARES0.100%$0.00$5.00
VACATION CLUB0.100%$0.00$5.00
CHRISTMAS CLUB0.500%$0.00$5.00
MONEY MARKET SAVINGS0.200%$0.00$2,500.00
MONEY MARKET SAVINGS0.300%$0.00$25,000.00
MONEY MARKET SAVINGS0.450%$0.00$50,000.00
TRADITIONAL IRA0.900%$0.00$0.00
ROTH IRA SHARES0.900%$0.00$0.00
Loan Rates - Effective Saturday, June 19, 2021
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information
New or Used Autos2.750%Rate specials as low as 3.00% APR based on credit & model yr
New Or Used RV's, Boats, Etc.2.750%Rate specials as low as 3.00% APR based on credit & model yr
Consolidation/Unsecured7.500%Rates based on credit score, as low as 7.5% APR
Visa Online Application7.900%Apply today for our low rate Visa card!
Home Equity-Fixed Rate4.500%Maximum loan to value 80%, $5,000.00 minimum loan
Mortgage Loans4.250%Call for current rates
Certificate Rates - Effective Saturday, June 19, 2021
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
3-5 MO. CERTIFICATE0.150%$500.00
6-11 MO. CERTIFICATE0.200%$500.00
12-23 MO.CERTIFICATE0.300%$500.00
24-35 MO.CERTIFICATE0.500%$500.00
3 YEAR CERTIFICATE0.700%$500.00
12-23 MO. IRA CD0.300%$500.00
24-35 MO. IRA CD0.500%$500.00
3 YEAR IRA CD0.700%$500.00
9 MONTH CD SPECIAL0.250%$500.00
18 MONTH CD SPECIAL0.350%$500.00
22 MONTH CD SPECIAL0.450%$500.00
4 YEAR CERTIFICATE0.800%$500.00
5 YEAR CERTIFICATE0.900%$500.00
YOUTH CLUB 6 MO. CD0.200%$200.00
YOUTH CLUB 12 MO. CD0.300%$200.00

*Up to 100% financing available depending on creditworthiness